Quickly leave feedback, report issues or receive assistance

Simply scan a QR Code, touch an NFC Tag on a smart poster or other media types. Alternatively enter a unique hashtag at our website.

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Example use scenarios include people, staff, buildings, property, animals, locations, equipment, services and much more!



Allow your patients, visitors and staff to easily and quickly send you feedback about registered NMC nurses, registered NMC midwives, doctors, the organisation itself and to receive assistance. Our feedback software is ideal for recieving feedback concerning the Friends and Family test (FFT).

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Enable your customers to send feedback about individual shops, areas, staff or facilities. Additionally customers can also receive assistance or help.



Empower your customers to send feedback about individual staff, rooms, general facilities and much more, whilst also being able to receive assistance or help.


External Locations

Improve security, safety and communication access across a wide range of environments including car parks, shopping centres, building sites etc.